Hello There! MikeB here!

Hello there. I am Mike as you can see :slight_smile: I am from a lovely seaside town on the South East of the United Kingdom.

I have a confession, I am a geek! I know I know. That is why I am here! - Funny thing was I joined this group thinking it was called Geek Bacon. Woopsie, I now know there is no bacon and I’m disappointed. My mistake.

I hope to have a good time here and I am looking to grow my knowledge with you lovely people. I am a geek for Star Wars, and I do a lot of GAMING, I also LOVE HISTORY. I do Viking and Anglo-Saxon Reenactment also.

I am currently on Windows 10, but have a virtual box with UBUNTU on it. My old man is… was a computer technician so I’ve always been around technology since I was little. We used to play games together my first game I remember playing is a flight sim called TORNADO it came out in 1993 for MSDOS.

Well to be fair, www.geekbacon.org is also ours. So we could in theory make a bacon tribute to those bacon nerds and geeks out there. Just a thought.

Welcome to the community @MikeB and don’t hesitate to ask if anything doesn’t make sense. We’re all a helpful bunch that usually don’t bite.

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Hello, you are not the only one that thought the same thing about Bacon … this includes Nixie which incidentally made the same joke like last week in Discord :joy: If you are a fan of Star Wars then check out the Group Projects board where you can see some events being organized on the Galactic Conquest modification for Battlefield 1942, next one is in November.


And those who do bite, never grew teeth. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Who said there’s no bacon! :bacon: :wink:
Welcome in @MikeB

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Thank you all for the warm welcome :slight_smile: gotta try find my 1942 disc xD

You sure? I grow new ones every day, COME HERE MODANUNG!! :grimacing:

I wouldn’t, if I were you; I’m rotten to the core. :wink:

Hey MikeB,
i think you found the right Community. :eyes:
Welcome :man_dancing:

Absolutely my taste of music. :hatching_chick:
Here is some suggestion too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR-jtZcUCxA&list=PLQc-zbIaNIjQmKeSobluWcsk8hnnPWPuv