Hello gente!

Hello everyone, my name is Brian, I’m a Venezuelan trying to work as a programmer and in the mid time I have a store where i sell and repair, PC, Consoles, and almost everything that i have a circuit board xd!

Huge fan of Foo Fighters

Thanks you reading!,


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Welcome to the community @Yampi.

If you haven’t joined already we have a very active discord, at https://discord.gg/geekbeacon. Regular events and we’re slowly starting to kick off a virtual conference we’re calling GeekBeacon Fest. https://www.gfbest.org.

Please feel free to look around and ask any of the @staff if you have any questions.

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For a moment I thought I would meet a fellow Italian on the Beacon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nevertheless welcome Brian, if you’re fond of videogames check the #entertainment:gaming category as well as the #gaming tag! :call_me_hand:

See you around, Officer

Welcome @Yampi

If Disord isn’t your thing, there’s also GeekBeacon Matrix room: #geekbeacon:matrix.org

Keep in mind that matrix channel is unofficial. But thanks for setting it up @Modanung.

Wasn’t me.

Hey Brian, i hope it’s not to late to say welcome. Big Fan of the Foo Fighters too. Give us a taste of your favorite videos in music-i-cant-stop-listening if you like.
Meanwhile enjoy this?

It’s been around since July 2017, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of GB or Matrix back then.

Longer than you’ve been on the forums, it seems, based on your account data.