Hello, Buen Dia!

Hi all, great to see you back nixie!

Ive been somewhat of a follower for a few years now, and just recently came across your back from the dead youtube post, and heard you were starting this GeekBeacon project. It looks pretty cool, so I figured I’d check it out.

So anyways, Im a professional programmer (by professional, I mean I code for a living, not that Im a ‘pro’ coder. I still have alot to learn :slight_smile: ). I mostly write in Java and Javascript using Dojotoolkit, doing backend and frontend work. Besides coding at work, I also like playing around with Android development, c++, and anything else that peaks my interest at the time.

Huge Linux fan, was running Mint 17.3 for about 2-3 years, then just recently switched to OpenSUSE. Ive built Arch systems a few times (once on a laptop with only a wireless NIC. Quite an interesting challenge since I couldnt get connected to wifi because Arch deprecated the wireless-tools package. Had to modify it and compile it from source), and built a Gentoo system once.

Im into console games more than PC games, I have a PS4. Monster Hunter: World has been my recent addiction. Warframe, Destiny, huge Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age fan, and I do like Gears of War but unfortunately its not on PS4 :sob:

I suppose Ill also add Im a big car guy, if anyone else here is too :smile: I drive a stock (not for long :slight_smile: ) WRX