Hello, And thank you Nixie


My name is Mike.

I got here from a long strange trip. I wanted to start programming for my Android 6 phone, so I started in Windows … found a couple of Ubuntu magazines at the bookstore and figure why not … dual purposed my box for Ubuntu 16 on USB. A few days into it I had a boot issue (grub prompt) and found a video Nixie did on reinstalling grub. Thanks Nixie, you save me hours of download and setup again on USB.

I started to explore more of her videos and discovered not only a geek (in the nicest way possible), but a real person with issues that I have been wrestling with for a life time. Thank you again Nixie. “Not where I thought I would be, but where I need to be”. The second time in a week that the word “Hope” comes to mind.

A little about me. I have been in tech in many aspects: break/fix, network engineer, programming. I think the squirrel aspect of learning tech kept me so busy that I didn’t care if i was bouncing from one thing to another.

As I mentioned, the latest acorn is Android programming. I have done some C++, C# and have limited Linux exposure so it will be a matter of learning Android Studio. I am sure that will keep me busy.

When I am not working or chasing the latest mental tech obession, I like to jump into some PvE and PvP in Destiny (XB360 … XB1 coming soon :slight_smile: ).

That’s me (in a nutshell).