Geek Beacon Announces Podcast Launch July 15th!

What’s up with Geek Beacon? What happened with Geeks Abroad? What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Start-up business craziness, being stranded in China, and fast-traveling to 8 countries in 8 weeks.

@Zakupilot256 and I are joining forces to tell some pretty insane stories that you won’t believe. I’ll also be timing our podcast launch with a Nixie video, so please tune in!

Have something you want to be talked about on our podcast? Opinions, recent news, updates? Ask
anything over at #talk-nerdy in Discord.

What should we name the podcast?

(Vote below, or comment on other name suggestions)
  • Geek Beacon Broadcast (GBB)
  • Geek Beacon Podcast (GBP)

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I thought something like

Geek Beacon Babble

I believe “The Geek Beacon Podcast” is already taken.

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You are correct. They are located at (Not linking to promote, as it’s only for evidence of the site name and domain)

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