Geek Beacon Alpha Site Up

This is a repo from the conversation on the web dev mailing list.

I’m happy to announce that we finally launched a new version of our website. is now live. We’ve also launched a discourse community forum/mailing list as well linked off the main website and accessible here:

We’ve all been working hard to get the base alpha site up and running before the launch of Geeks Abroad.

Nixie is departing to Europe to hunt down all the nerdy destination and report back.

To make her life easier, we’d love to get more help on the website development and polish up the interface so that others can contribute content.

You can check out the current code base here:

Our Stack is:

Wagtail CMS (Running on top of Django)
UI: is a bootstrap 4 theme atm.
Docker for both deployment and development.

If you’d like to help we have tickets to work on which you can access here:

We’ll get more documentations setup on how to get started locally, running the website and the process of developing coding, debugging etc.

If you are still interested in helping and joined this list in the hopes of contributing with your web dev skills please feel free to pick up any ticket and submit a pull request.

Any help is of course appreciated.

As things get more stabilized, we’ll probably be launching a and and other websites running off the same code base.

Thank you for your time and patience with us as we got our ducks in order, and if you end up spending any time on coding / contributing. (In code, documentation, arts assets etc) Your time is very appreciated by nixie and company.