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There was a talk at GDC that mentioned that the standard indie game developer might make less then a minimum wage. Steam takes a 30% cut for all proceeds and unless your game is super hyped nobody will ever see it.

Granted, steam isn’t the only game in town, but personally my PC games are 90% all steam games.

I think these are the big stores right now:

There’s also the “windows store”, “apple store”, "ubuntu store’ etc…though I think most people ignore them.

There’s this article that talks about some of them a bit more.

Steam made things super easy but is also screwing over the developer. I really find it hard to not use steam especially these days. Between Steam sales, humble bundle sales and Fanatical I find it hard to justify using anything else.

Does anyone have a favorite store that does something different that makes it worthwhile? There’s a few hyped ‘steam killers’ that are interesting, but probably mostly hype.

Robot Cache for example.

I can’t really see much that’d pull me away from steam. Except maybe having some nice new feature and having the store integrate with steam where it’ll allow me to play my Steam Library that they carry at least. It’d be nice to have a way to trade used games and such that Robot Cache claims.

My killer feature IMO would be the ability to buy a game once and play it on any platform. There’s no reason I can’t play the same game on PS4, XBox, PC once I’ve bought it once.

What do you all think?


I used to buy my games on Steam for the convenience, but lately I’ve moved mostly over to GoG for the lack of DRM and because I got annoyed with Steam’s trading cards and gems and all that stuff. I’ve not seen Fanatical of RobotCache before. I like the idea of reselling games and still giving some revenue to the developers that RobotCache has implemented.