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“Huiuiuiui, da weiß ich ja gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll!”

I am mostly a role player and strategy gamer, but as we are computer oriented I will stick to computer games here.

My oldest (and quite possibly dearest) gaming experience inthe free software world is the rogue line, which I started with Larn (in the '80s), moving to Hack, Nethack and Crawl (until they went a way I did not like). Especially the partly random and partly story driven mechanics, coupled with lots of hidden tricks and gimmicks kept me on these for years. But this is a world of curses based graphics.

I played a lot of neverwinter nights, even though this is not free, and I am looking for a successor…

These days, my main focus is Battle for Wesnoth - though I mostly left the core scenarios behind me and am now looking at deviating cooperatively playable scenarios. My favourite of the last years is the “Eastern Europe at war” scenario, which covers one of the lesser known periods and spaces of european history, which makes it very appealing (and it is extremly well done!), a big thank you to the polish group there. Second come the Fall of Trent and the other scenarios of BobTheMighty, which has a very interesting role playing mechanics (though they are by design somewhat railroaded).

My second favourite waste of time is Simutrans - which I usually play as a pure construction game, not using any other (human or AI) players. These days I focus on the German patchset. :wink:

Position 3 these days is Unreal World - a graphics using roguelike playing in middle age Finland - which feels a bit like younger stone age, which gives me quite a bit of inspiration to the younger stone age (pen and paper) role playing campaign I am mastering.

My wishlist (I was considering working on some of these myself, but I do not have enough life left for these at this time):

  • A free successor for Neverwinter Nights
  • I would love to play vegastrike again, but I would like it to have a bit more story and be playable cooperatively.
  • I would be interested in a “call to power”-like mod for freeciv.

Stopping here - I have more wishes than I am willing to fit in one article. :slight_smile: