Fundamentals of 20th & 21st century popular music

Fundamentals of 20th & 21st century popular music
Description: This will be a masterclass on harmony, rhythm, melody, and all things pertaining to modern music. I will teach you what to listen for in music, and how to create music. I will discuss instrumentation, arrangement, production, and sampling. Varying genres will be discussed but will have an emphasis on rock, r&b, jazz, hip hop and similar genres.
Leads: @MrRoboto66
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Welcome @MrRoboto66!!
Is this something you’d need to prepare for?
Think it would be best in like a Webcam meeting interface that you mute until the end, so you can share your screen?
Want to split it up into parts that are under 1 hour?
Do you mind streaming it and publishing it for others?
Maybe we can even do a quiz at the end :upside_down_face:

I know a lot of this stuff by heart but a little time would be nice. I was thinking of possibly breaking it up into multiple meetings. I was thinking of sort of doing like a fireside chat toward the end to answer all questions.

I’m thinking of having my first one next Friday. Should we use zoom or another platform?