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Two questions.

  1. Do want to have #tags. Since we have categories. It’s nice to have a global search but it also seems like just putting in OSAlt->Linux makes more sense then just tagging #linux. Or it just becomes redundant.

  2. Do subcategories make sense to people? it’s not super intuitive to navigate but when you choose a category like OSAlt. You have a drop down right next to it when you post to select Linux, web-dev or any other sub categories.

If people can add their own tags, then there’s a case for both. I forget what it was I was posting about but I’ve already wanted to tag things but there were only 3 avaliable tags at the time.
So yes, as it currently stands it’s kind of redundant but if people could add their own tags it’d be great to have both.

That’s odd the tags are fill in the blanks. You should be able to use any tag. Or maybe requires you to level up. Not sure.

Like #ponder is definitely not something I went to the trouble of creating in order to have it available for this post. Then again I have god mode.

Hmm, #ibetthisisntapremadetag

I mean you can enter any #tag when you create a post. So you can create a new post about the wonders of penguins and do a #penguins in the tags field. Then after that someone can reference it in a post. You can’t just randomly #tag anything it wouldn’t make sense… nor would it find anything with the tag to begin with.

so writing #squirrel makes a tag, but writing #unknowntag doesn’t.
Now I know why: users with trust level 3(or higher) can create tags.
Tags itself are “created”, if they’re used at least once. But the place where you can “create” them is when posting (or editing) a topic. I don’t see a tag textbox when just creating a post.
Regarding subcategories: I support the use of subcategories, but no sub-subcategories should be used, or it will become confusing.

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Sub categorises for major things i think works. As @Bubi says i agree sub-sub categories would be to much.

(cat) osalt > (cat) linux > (tag) ubuntu

for example.

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I didn’t consider anything beyond 2 levels deep. Like OSAlt-> Linux or OSAlt-> WebDev . things like that. Anything beyond that is a bit too much IMO.

Here’s a good example of how they can be used together

In their case its easy for them to make tag groups, but you can see the possibilities.

you can set a parent category to show its subcategories above the containing threads, which gives me a bit “ordinary” forum feel back, which I like.
I set that for the Feedback category, so take a look if you want to see how it looks.

@Eden: that looks like some plugin which groups tags together.
I doubt we will be using that much tags anyways, since not everyone can create them (and imo shouldn’t - we will end up with more tags than topics and users)