Firing mah introduction!

Hi all, my name is Kane and I’m 28 from West Sydney (the best Sydney) in Australia. I work as an ICT Technical Officer in the northern shore of Sydney.

My 1st computer was an Apple LC II running System 7 which was used to play countless hours of Starflight 2. I was an AMD+ATI guy from the Windows 95 to Windows XP era. My first touch on Linux/Unix was a copy of Solaris that scared me to death. I was converted to Linux through the amazing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS release (LTS this time round meant “Late to ship”) which meant I skipped Vista completely.

Currently I have a Intel+Nvidia machine that is dual booted with Kubuntu 17.10 and Win 10 - it was also a Hackintosh at one stage but I decided to live a life free of migraines. I’ve also got a Surface Pro 3 running Korora (an Australian made flavour of Fedora).

I live with my partner who is attending University doing an Engineering degree. She and I have an Australian Miniature Fox Terrier named Capi. I have a degree in Computing and Information Systems, a major in Health Informatics. I’ve also got a Diploma of Digital Media via TAFE.

I like Pasta, Dark Beer the infamous HSP and a burger that consists of beef, bacon, grilled onion, egg, pineapple, beetroot, lettuce and tomato.

I watch Football (the round ball type) where I support the Western Sydney Wanderers in the A-League and W-League as well as our national team the Socceroos and Matildas, I also like cricket (mainly the BBL) and slowly getting into AFL (“Footy”) thanks to the influence from my Victorian partners family ( why that is a thing can be read about here ).

I enjoy simulation games… have forever. I don’t mind a survival game as long as it doesn’t rely on an “outbreak” - I prefer a good mystery. My favourite series has to be The Sims, Cities Skylines and Planet Coaster.

I firmly believe, as an Aussie, that our national motto should be “She’ll be right”, that we should name our currency Dollarydoos, that our overall internet speed is likened to a potato and that Sega is pronounced See-ga… not Say-ga…

I listen to Alex The Astronaut, Tegan and Sara and also Lupa J. My favourite actors of all time are Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Colin Firth and Audrey Hepburn. Don’t really watch much TV but follow Druaga1, Robbaz, Coffee and Circuits, LGR, AirForceProud95, Linus Tech Tips, Commander Holly and of course Nixie on YT.

I love discussing and answering things on Australia so don’t be shy.

Now… who is up for a cuppa?

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