Embed Forum in GB?

I was wondering if people though this would be a worthwhile effort.

See https://forums.docker.com/ as an example. Does it make sense to take the time to embed the forum into the website and make the experience more seamless? or is it a silly thing for user that doesn’t . matter?

What do you all think… if you can elaborate on answers that’d be great.

  • Yes Please
  • Nooooooo
  • Meh, Cabbage, don’t care.

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I think that it’s ultimately whatever you all have time to support. From a business perspective the less places a user has to go to or sign into the better, which typically results in higher usage of X site. From a GeekBeacon perspective where this tends to be more of a hobby environment I don’t know those same issues are true. As long as a person is interested in the content they’ll sign into any platform they have regardless if it’s under the same site umbrella or not. So I voted the only option possible that reflects most closely to what I just described, Cabbage.

I mostly agree with @BrainWash’s points. It would probably give a better user experience, but if it is hard to implement or maintain, might not be worth it. Looking at the docs [0], Discourse seems to have a fairly comprehensive API though, so a middle ground could maybe be to put a “feed” on the main page to show what’s going on in the public part of the Discourse instance, as a way to help people to find their way here, but that too comes with implementation and maintenance costs of course… :confused:

[0]: See e.g.:

@skymandr the last version I pushed of the prod site pulls the related topics based on tags and categories to print out relevant topics. So that’s already there of sorts.

Having a place where we see the latest/recent posts of the day would be nice… though full integration would be better I think s you don’t have to leave the GB site and still . have a conversation. We’ll see… it doesn’t sound like it’s a huge win so it won’t be a big priority for now.

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I am most of the time a column a and column b kind of person. I like the full forum, but would like a quick rundown of the most active topics on the site. Brain has a good idea I would second.