Discourse (Forum) Documentation

As this is a new platform to me I’m going to assume it is for a few others as well.
Below is a link to some useful information for both regular users and admins.
I will sort this out later if nobody else breaks it down first and post the “user” information such as formatting and whatnot into a section that isn’t locked down.


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My take so far.

I create a new group: internal-staff that i’ve added moderators and such to. Anyone in that group can write to all the internal-categories and those are not visible by anyone else. (Discourse mods can validate this )

Staff Category is a section to post announcement, anything in there is a read only post.

General is a catch all category for anything that isn’t specified.

Lounge is an area reserved to LVL3 users. All moderators will be reset to LVL3 off the bat.

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