Discourse Badge Ideas

I think we could do so much better for Badges than just the default… but I’m pretty bad at these things. What do you guys see being good achievements?


I’ve added a shiny badge already but not sure how to automatically assign
or award the badge yet.

@brainwash has the shiny squirrel badge for example.

Hi there,

we could for example use a ranking/level system where you have different levels, ranks or badges depending on your amount of posts and threads created. Also I’d suggest showing the amount of posts and joining date next to the username or below the profile picture at the side of a post.

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Well, not sure I can change where you display that information but that info is available on your user profile.

https://discourse.geekbeacon.org/u/Tom for example.

As far as leveling up, that’s already built into Discourse. ie. Lounge is only available after a certain level.

You can read up more about it here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/2 though I honestly think it can mostly be used for more trusted section of the site and keeping the trolling down.

That being said most people have been pretty well behaved on here so far.

Automatic giving badges that are not built in doesn’t seem trivial though. Unfortunately.

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Yeah, I second all those features if possible — those aspects I really enjoyed of a more traditional forum.