Desktop or Laptop, which do you prefer?

Which do you usually prefer using? A desktop PC or a laptop? Personally I usually go with desktop computers, but I don’t mind me a Laptop either. I like laptops so I can move around the house and go places.

That’s just me though. What about you guys? Or, do you prefer to use tablets maybe?

Ever since I bought my latest laptop it has been my primary machine, but after a while I started to miss the desktop configuration. Ergonomically it’s just so much better to have some distance between your screen and keyboard, unless you like having those extra curves in your posture.
So I bought a basic but fine secondhand USB keyboard for €3,- and used some random object from a giveaway corner as a support for my laptop. This way I’m basically recreating a (tower-free) desktop setup, using a laptop. I can still easily disconnect the input hardware and take it with me, so I consider it a “best of both worlds”.

Laptops all the way, precisely for this reason. School presentations / projects, gaming at friends’ houses … all possible with a Laptop. Our company for eg. decided to swap all our old desktops for Laptops: can take it home for smart working, if something is malfunctioning it’s easy to swap (eg. use another laptop), and if your desk has problems you can attach it to a docking station on another desk.

I use a mixture, My main device is my desktop which is used mainly for gaming. I do have a laptop that I use for hosting vm’s I am playing with or video chatting to the mrs as we are long distance currently and my PC doesn’t have a webcam. My work device is a laptop but mainly that is because they are going down the route of trying to make everyone mobile. I only really use a tablet when traveling and offline netflix etc