Cyberpunk 2077 Streamer Weekend event (Dec 11th - 14th )

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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 Game Streamer Event Weekend
  2. Two to three streamers would stream the game on separate nights. Streams would happen between Thursday Dec. 11th (launch day) to Sunday 14th.
  3. Zakupilot256 ( Marc)
  4. Place where action items, conversations or collabs are happening (if not on this forum, such as Trello)

Potential Streamers: Nixiepixel, Lexi, Third Person
Platforms: Twitch, YouTube
Dates: Two to Three nights
Art Assets: Get images from game site and send them to Trello to get made into cyberpunk/geekbeacon images for the stream.
Two ideas for the content of the stream:

  1. Showcase the three different life paths the game starts you with. They are Nomad, Street Kid, Corpo. Each start is completely different from each other but then verge on same starting point in the game. From once that first part is done, the game branches off into many directions.
    Pros: Can accommodate different gaming platforms (PC,Xbox,PlayStation). Content variety due to the different starting paths. Can get community feedback/vote for character responses and choices in game.
    Cons: Content could get stale second stream onward after the life path part ends. Would need three streamers to get full effect.

  2. Streamer 1 starts the game on first day of streaming. Second day of streaming, Streamer 2 starts on the game where Streamer 1 stopped. Then the same with streamer 3 on stream day 3. Passing the baton or a game of telephone with character story between the streamers.
    Pros: A better “story” for the event can be made from this. Can be done with just two streamers and can still get the same effect.
    Cons: Everyone has to have the game on the same platform. Streamers will have to watch each other’s streams to know where the others have left off. Character development may be botched due to different playstyles.

Choice 1. Less cons, Flexible with streamer’s schedules and easier to have happen. Adding in Streamer’s choice for community picks the character choices. Promote each stream as the player background.