Creator Mental Health Roundtable - GeekBeacon Fest 2022

Join us for the Creator Mental Health Roundtable that we will be recording this Tuesday. This panel will be aired during GeekBeacon Fest 2022. You can find more details on GBFest here.

Joining us for this panel is:

Do you have any questions in regards to creator burnout? Post your questions here for the panelists and we may ask them during the panel.
Sent by community member Swampy, questions made into art

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Post your questions below. :+1: :smiley: :point_down:

I’ll start.

How do you recognize it… And
What helps you overcome creator burnout?

A question how do you manage your time?
How much is work vs play? How to maintain work life balance?

Is it important? And why?

What tools do you use for mental health or productivity?
I install tools that purposely poke me and make sure I’m moving around, so I don’t hyper focus… As much :ok_hand::blush:

How do you hold yourself accountable for taking care of yourself so you don’t spiral? Do you let yourself play games / how do you reward yourself

How do you mitigate fallout when taking time to cope with burnout?

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