Contribute your favorite Linux Tools

  1. Singularity- secure container single file network

  2. ripgrep - really fast grep replacement written in rust

  3. ctop (container top for docker)

  4. lazydocker- docker gui in curses

  5. fish shell (nice shell)

  6. trivy- scan docker containers for vulneratbilities

  7. pianobar - listen to pandora on cli

  8. ssh-audit audit your ssh for security

  9. fossil- really non-normal scm/git replacement (git extras – csgeek )

  10. The Lounge IRC Client - ComputerKid

  11. fortune/cowsay/cowsay derivs (from multiple people)

  12. tmux/tmuxp terminal multiplexer (like screen) - KernelPanic

  13. trickle - a small utility you can use with scp, sftp ssh or any pipeline tool for restricting the amount of bandwidth used in say a file/snapshot transfer, e.g.
    `zfs send -R -i oldsnapshot newsnapshot | trickle -u 10240 | ssh user@somserver “sudo zfs receive zfs/tank”

  14. pigz / unpigz - parallel zip / unzip e.g. pigz -p4 myfile to compress a file using 4 CPU cores

  15. apt install sl; echo “sl” >> ~/.bashrc; chown root:root .bashrc; chmod 400

  16. Ssh-copy-id to copy your ssh public key to your server

  17. Inkscape - sure most people have heard of it, but for vector graphics it is always worth a mention**