Col Labs: CC0 Art Collaboration πŸ–Œ

I started some collaborative art experiments (initially on Diaspora*) that may interest some of you. The first one is called Col Lab Zero, short for color laboratory CC0/[0]. Within a few days of its initialization, a total of four people had contributed to what I then called The Artsonist. Following this humble success I opened another lab that focuses on pixel-art; The Pixel Lab. It has two contributors so far and can best be viewed here. The is also a Pixel Lab thread on Open Game Art.

Both labs are hosted on Wikimedia Commons and carry a CC0 license. As such their entire history can be reviewed and each version may be used for any purpose. I am considering adding vector and 3D labs as well. I imagine these could possibly have some nested structure.

I would hereby like to invite everyone to join in the progression of these digital collaborative art pieces: Download the latest (subjectively acceptable) version, make any* modifications you like and overwrite the image by uploading a new version.

* Pixel Lab Rules
Abiding to intellectual property restrictions Stick to the palette. You are allowed to modify existing colours and fill empty slots. Black and full transparency may be used, but do they not occupy a colour slot. You may increase the canvas size vertically if your ideas require it.