Classic Gaming Night - Galactic Conquest - Dec 5th @ 4pm est

When - 2020-12-05T21:00:00Z - Countdown
Where - Geek Beacon Discord : (Streaming Voice Channel)
Watch Here -

This Classic Gaming Night event has been themed on the signals that are so crucial to the Star Wars Universe. Tatooine to Taskforce. We start with a ground based battle at the core of the legend and move into large space battles with Capital Ships. Taskforce is MUST play map in our setlist!

Ease of access solutions and a game manual can be found at , This is a new domain that we have grand plans for but are still building. If you experience downtime please use the back-up website at

If you do not have BF1942 please choose the ‘Stand Alone’ option.

Geek Beacon Discord is our primary VOIP. Please be conscious of live streams.

Count me in, polishing my lethal injection for Emile :smiling_imp: … You know I did read the manual prior joining last time and I remembered it said: “Lethal Injection is a lot of fun, and useful for tightly enclosed spaces, where you can hide around a corner and that’s exactly what I just did to E-3 but without hiding at all, ahah