BIOS Hackers-Warning

Does anyone know which BIOS/motherboard is the most secure from “LightEater”or other hacks?

For reasons stated in the below article, we NOW need to protect our BIOS! How can we?

“Although most BIOS have protections to prevent unauthorized modification, the researchers were able to bypass these to reflash the BIOS and implant their own malicious code……gain high-level system privileges for their BIOS malware to undermine the security of specialized operating systems like Tails–used by journalists and activists for stealth communications and handling sensitive data.”

This is a must read:

The article (link above) continues on to reveal many other vulnerabilities in BIOS, to include a hack known as “LightEater”. Unfortunately there are no known fixes or protections we can do; nor does it mention which BIOS/motherboards are the most secure.

We have all heard of the 3 letter agency “watching” us, but in the below link (great video ) it has been taken to new HIGHs! Its the worse scam, worse breach of our civil Liberties in America history, and it was just revealed!!…. Please try to set aside your personal feelings (likes or dislikes) about the person that was effected and just remember, please keep in mind Civil Liberties, because this likely can happen to you and I. Take a look

If the “lid” was never pulled off of this tyrannical act, we would likely be living in a different world even right now with far less hope for Liberties than we have now

Sincerely, Liberty XX

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People are aware of this, unfortunately only a few. Did you check ?