Best Way to Collaborate

What is your preferred way to collaborate? This is specifically for those who want to get involved in the community, run a project and so on but even if you’re not how would you prefer to communicate with the group in order to get this done!

  • Email (Lists)
  • Forum Category / Thread
  • Discord Groups
  • Discord Group Chats

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for the sake of convenience, discord seems OK, but is purely lineal and after 3 discussions going on at the same time, it’ll be a mess.
Forum threads (and mailing lists) can be organized for each item (a discussion about a specific topic) neatly. So my vote is Forum (or mailing list)

After 3 convos going on at once, it IS a mess :wink:

Now that I think about it – I guess having a poll about collaboration being hosted in a forum is a bit tricky because there will be an inherent bias… WDYT @csgeek? hehe

@Nixie Well, we need a medium for it. We can put the poll on discord and have it be biased towards discord. I don’t think the forum is an issue but I do think we need to have alternatives to discord especially as we grow.

There’s about 9 different group chats i’m bouncing between. Partly why i’m looking into mailman and other things.

I’d like to get to the point where we can offer collaborators the option of:

Mailing List

and honestly they’re not mutually exclusive. You can use multiple ones if it makes sense. We do need something more email based once we start reaching out to sponsors or external parties that work over email to begin with.

Discord wise, I think we need to start shifting some of those conversation into another medium. It’s getting to the point where anything except discord makes more sense to me.

My biased 2 cents.

My take is Discord and Google drive serve the same purpose it’s only good for temporary storage/collaboration till we publish it somewhere else or move it to another medium to have an actual serious conversation.

All of the above depending on the level of collaboration is needed.

I’m pretty close to getting a mailing list support up and running. So we’ll have the option for all of the above.

Thanks to everyone that responded, once this is cleaned up a bit I’ll document the process a bit better.