Arch Linux Trusted User Foxboron is going to do an Ask Me Anything in the Linux Café Discord

About Foxborn

He has a master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Bergen and has been contributing to Open-Source software for around 8 years. Also is contributing to Arch Linux since 2016 where he is a Trusted User and maintains around 100 packages. Most notably he maintains go, i3-gaps, podman, rofi, mypy and lxd.

Apart from the package maintaing he is part of the security team tracking CVEs in packages, and security issues in the Arch project. He also contributes to the Reproducible Builds project where they try ensure there is a strong link between the published source-code and the distributed package.

On the community side of things he moderates the /r/archlinux subreddit, helped organize the second Arch Conf in Berlin, several community gatherings at FOSDEM in Brussels and the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Germany.


July 23rd, at 19:00 GMT+2


The Linux Café Discord server