Any coders out there?

Does anyone here do much coding? What programming languages do you use? Whats your favorite?

As for me, its a living. Literally :slight_smile: I use mostly Java and a bit of Javascript. I grew up on Java so thats my strongest language, but Javascript, as strange as it is (coming from a strong typed language like Java), is actually a neat language. I like the flexibility it has.

Id probably say my favorite language, although Im still fairly new at it, is C++. Some people like it, some people hate it, but I like how its sort of a mid level language. You can work with memory, create classes and objects, and even tie in some assembly for extra performance.

I know that this is OS.ALT but I grew up with QBASIC. I write a lot of VBA and .NET because of this. I dabble in other languages but Basic is what I use at work now to speak to various APIs that are available in our LOB applications. It allows me to make magical things happen for my users and that’s what it is all about for me. Making work easier and making people happy. I get a lot of pleasure from seeing people use my programs at work because I know how much frustration I have eliminated in their day to day lives.

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Perl and JavaScript are my jam. I toy with c every now and again but Perl is really my go to language. JavaScript if I need something dynamic on a webpage.

Perl seems like a neat language. Never worked with it though.

I have worked with C# a little bit, quite a powerful language. Although Visual Studio is a monstrosity of an IDE, I do like its Debugger. It served great for learning x86 Assembly.

Currently a lot of Angular, Vue and Node… I spent 13 years from 2001 till 2014 with mostly PHP, Python, Javascript & (HTML & CSS). I used to have a web development company from 2006 until the end of 2012.

Awesome! I believe theres a few people on my current project that use Angular. Ive heard its a bit strange, but a useful language.

What happened to your web dev company, if you dont mind me asking?

I did some UI coding back in the day before jQuery was even a thing. I’ve mostly given up on those langauges though I revisit them on occasion.

I’m mostly coding in java or python these days. I’ve done enough perl to never want to again. I’ve done enough ruby to not see a reason to learn it when I already know python.

I have an interest in scala and kotlin and go though i never seem to have the time to read up on them.

PS. I moved this thread to OS.Alt since it’s more on topic. I’m mostly backend focused these days which is somewhat unfortunate since most of the work we do need on here (geekbeacon / os.alt) tends to be more UI / Web focused.

I started learning Java on my own in middle school and really got to love it.
That prompted me to go to high school afterwards and then to study Computer Science at a university in a foreign country, which I failed, because of my lack of interest in Mathematics.
Now I’m working at a company that is right next to the university until the middle of this year, after which I’m gonna try studying again, but this time at a collegue in my native language.

I got to touch a lot of languages since then, but Java is still my default one.
I know a bit about Python, Shell, Haskell, Elixir, and Lua, JavaScript.
And if you count frameworks, also: React.js, Angular.js, JQuery, Ember.js, Spring, Django, Love2D.

I stumbled upon Kotlin about half a year ago.
It looked quite beautiful (it was basically Java, but without 90% of the boilerplate) and I migrated a couple of my personal projects to it, until I started knowing the language well enough to see its limitations and flaws.
Those eventually lead me to abandon it.
Maybe if the developers of Kotlin spend more time and focus their efforts on implementing some features well, instead of implementing a lot of features quite poorly, I’ll give it another try.

My work is luckily exactly about what I’m good at:
Spring Framework (Java) in the backend and React.js in the frontend.
And I am lucky to have found a good company, that lets me come to work whenever I feel like it, as long as I work for more than 24 hours per week.
I honestly can’t focus much more than that anyways…

And currently that covers my cost of living quite well, so I really don’t do much more than that and spend more time working on my personal projects…

But yeah, I really enjoy programming and am glad to be able to have a hobby that can earn me money…

Awesome man. Yea math can be quite a deal breaker for some people when it comes to getting a CS degree. I only had to take up to calculus II and Linear Algebra. I really like math, but in my opinion and experience, math really needs a good teacher. If the math teacher blows, then most people are going to grow up hating it. I was lucky enough to have some great math teachers in my early stages, but my college is notorious for having bad math teachers. Just takes some extra work though, and one can easily pass. Just keep at it,study hard, and you should have no problem passing :smile:

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I would say my first language is C, but I’ve written hardly any C the last two years. For most of my professional life I’ve mostly coded in Python (I’m a physicist originally, and Python has a lot of good tools for data-analysis and the like). Lately work has pushed me into JavaScript as well, but I’m not very fond of it.

I’ve been thinking of getting into Rust, but I don’t know. For the last … geez … four years? How time flies… Starting over: for the last four years I’ve been working professionally almost exclusively with programming, and I’m a little sad to say that it’s put my interest in programming in my spare-time to sleep. :confused: