About myself

Hello, I’m a Dutch and autistic person(16 y/o), my name is Tim Wanders and I personally enjoy software stuff(like programming, writing scripts and messing with linux, trying new stuff out on linux etc) but recently(a few months back already!) my life has been changed in quite a negative way, I became really depressed because I kept(and keep) thinking of how life is(how terrible humans are to animals, nature and what humans are doing to planet earth), after a few weeks I couldn’t go to school anymore and that caused some drama home(fights etc), then I almost got in legal trouble because of it. My psychologist(from Amacura) got worried(and it took a while) but enabled a social worker company(Zorgen & zo). Then a woman visits(and still does) me every morning to talk about my feelings and especially during the first few weeks, I just ignored her and lay in bed because I didn’t want to be helped. After a few weeks I started to talk to her about my feelings etc which wasn’t(and still isn’t) easy for me. I have trouble concentrating and I’m unable to do so since I feel so down/am depressed. 1 thing that did help me(kinda) was that we got a dog(I was scared of it and cried at first when she arrived, I was scared for dogs, but now she’s adorable and I love her), but we did need to get rid of my bunnies(I forgot to feed them etc, so they’ve been placed on a farm, which did hurt me(I even cried), but it’ll okay). anyways I hope I won’t do suicide soon since I want to learn C whenever I have my concentration back. The relationship between me and my parents is…complicated so to speak, I don’t like to talk about my feelings with them due to trust issues(didn’t have a great youth to be honest), so that’s hard for my parents I think. I’m a very complicated person. I guess that’s it, I hope this was enough information to introduce myself and I’ll probably keep this ‘forum’ up to date with my life stuff(if I’m allowed of course). Have a good day.