A project to build a permanent Geek Beacon community, education, gaming and event center (a hybrid and virtual space for meetings and festivals and discussion groups for everyone)

What if we build something permanent… a fully virtual community center for all the time, for everything including events? What if GBFest becomes the first scheduled event (of many) at our new community center?

It could be a space for everyone with meeting rooms and event theaters and gallery rooms for art and music… with little meeting nooks for small groups to sit around and sip coffee and chat…

It could be the home of Geek Beacon… the place to come and hang out and meet people… and play games… and have classes and attend support groups and virtual labs and everything anyone could want… all in our very own (virtual) cultural, education and community center.

It could have libraries and information kiosks and healthcare information… and even job listings…

A happy, spacious, brick and mortar place for everyone… without the bricks and without the mortar.

Eventually it could be 2d and 3d too.

A whole new virtual/hybrid future for everyone… where people can work and play and be together from wherever they are… green and practical and possible… and the way of things to come…with the light of the Beacon leading the way :sparkles::slightly_smiling_face:

What do you think?

I thought this forum is exactly this! :flushed:


Thanks so much for the reply…

I agree, this is already a wonderful place for everyone to come together with ideas and discussions and chat, etc.

What I had in mind is a new kind of hybrid event center and workspace… a place where going forward people can have offices… and where there can be meeting rooms and such… a virtualized analog of a real physical brick and mortar location…

The hope would be to make it graphically look and feel like a real building where everyone is (virtually) in the space… either sitting together in groups… in a theater all watching a move together… in a conference room having a business meeting…

The virtual space would have actual dimension like a real building would… like video games do… The idea would be for us all to be able to enter this new environment and walk around and interact with each other more like we would if we were actually all together.

In this way I am hoping we could all come together and connect with each other in a way similar to the way we now get “immersed” in the virtual worlds inside games… but with the goal of working and building and playing together.

How would you like to work here… with no commute?

an office built with 1’s and 0’s

What if in the (not too distant) future this is how businesses worked…

What if instead of building a building like this with all the expense and energy use and environmental destruction and traffic, etc. they built a server… and this virtual building for all their employees?

What if each of those people in this environment saw things (and each other) from their own perspective… and they all talked and had meetings and worked together in this way… but what if when they sat down at their workstations here they were actually sitting down at a workstation at home… or at a local work center… or wherever in the world they actually are?

…kind of the game of life… and work… and everything?

What if we could have a place like this for original artwork… and amazing anime things… and just everything… all original things from Geek Beacon members and friends?

our very own creators art gallery

Now playing in theater B… in the main science pavilion :slightly_smiling_face:

What is Reality?

and coming to the main science pavilion on June 18th at 2:00 PM…

selected readings from:

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
by Edwin A. Abbott

as read by a special guest :slightly_smiling_face:

Ticket prices are as follows:

$1.00 for general admission
$5.00 for VIP question and answer period and after party
Geek Beacon members get in free

Snacks and drinks are allowed

Think of meeting someone for coffee at the outdoor café… from wherever you are… and while you enjoy your (real) drink… and chat with each other… what each of you sees and hears is the other… with the background being the café itself… in a green screen sort of way… so to each other you are both really there :slightly_smiling_face::coffee::coffee::slightly_smiling_face:

And they are on the house? :smirk: I’m hungry right now. Anyway I think this is a bit out of the main loop, unless you mean some VR stuff. I am totally a VR noob and I plan to stay that way for the foreseeable future, ahah


I’m sorry didn’t reply sooner…

Well, I had kind of envisioned things as “bring your own snacks” for now :slightly_smiling_face:, but I’ll see what I can do! Geek Beacon cookies or crackers… or tea cakes in the shape of a robot maybe that we could send to everyone? :cookie: :coffee:

I was just imagining the idea of a whole tech and AI powered future world where people can come together and work and play together… kind of like the worlds inside the games we often play together here… but also someday in created office spaces and recreation spots… and museums and parks and gardens and all sorts of virtual places where we could all be together… even if we are really miles and countries apart

It would be kind of a “game of life” where everyone could have beautiful and spacious surroundings no matter what their actual situation is

And what this could lead to is a future world of de-centralization… where there are no more office buildings… no more crowding… no more pollution or congestion or commuting… no more of so many of the problems, social, environmental and otherwise that we now face with big cities.

The money now being spent on big corporate complexes and massive transportation infrastructure and such could be instead put into housing and homes and work centers… so that everyone could live in green and pleasant smaller communities… and where everyone’s commute could be just a stroll to their home office space… or the local shared workspace… or connected corner café, etc.

What do you think?