10 Years of Randomness 🎵

Random Records just released a new compilation album, and I’m diggin’ it. :sunglasses:

You can also tune in August 8th at 4 PM GMT for the Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering on Twitch.

Random Records is a non-profit label created exclusively to help projects supporting indigenous communities around the world that live under conditions of oppression and forced cultural assimilation. Our music is specifically targeting to offer moral and financial support to them.


Random Records is excited to announce a pocket edition of the Global Suomisaundi Online Gathering, that will be on the 8th of August via streaming on Twitch, where we will be also launching our new “10 Years Of Randomness” double CD compilation (pre-orders here: randomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/10-years-of-randomness), with video creations for your delight via streaming in Twitch:
Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/581107026100257/



  • Andaaza (Adelic Rec.) :jp:
  • Boundless Dimension (Random Rec.) :israel:
  • Hongos Longos (Random Rec.) :brazil: “premier of upcoming album”
  • Hopax (Random Rec.) :finland::hungary:
  • John Alchemy (Random Rec.) :greece:
  • Jormension (Random Rec.) :finland:
  • MicroChief (Sound Kitchen Rec.) :ukraine:
  • RRRastas (Random Rec.) :finland:
  • Thiago Pinheiro (Not On Label) :brazil:
  • Vampire Empire (Random Rec.) :israel:
  • Yhtiöt (Feeless Rec.) :ru:

DJ set:

  • Anoebis (Suntrip Rec.) :belgium: “Suomisaundi set”
  • Da Glitcher (Suomi Lab) :portugal:
  • Dixie Krystalz (Random Rec.) :israel:
  • Drågön (NullZone/RikkaSaundi/GDM) :jp:
  • Go (Random Rec./Shiva Place Sounds) :jp:
  • X-Former ((Torus/Mimesis/Era Music Lab) :brazil:

Videos & Visuals:

  • Chrisholic :jp:
  • JaySon a.k.a. Sinarisama :jp:
  • Satoshi Kanata :jp:
  • Suomi Lab :portugal:
  • Snafkin :jp:


  • Key :jp:

GMT+2: Saturday 8th of August at 6pm - Sunday 9th at 2pm

Extended Level by Igor Swamp

Champions by Sonic Bandits

Haddaway’s What Is Love (Global Fish Mafia Remix)