What's your favorite Linux Distro?


Kubuntu for me, since 2010… Before that I had 2 years of experimenting with all the usuals like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Opensuse… I’ve run other distros on other machines/laptops since 2010, Manjaro, Korora, Netrunner, Bodhi, M4linux, LinuxLite, Mint, Deepin, but Kubuntu is my main workstation and I will take anybody down who tries to get between me and it… Because I think i’m actually in love with it… I have deeper feelings than one should have for their OS…





I’m a Debian-user, though I use Ubuntu at work. I usually run a tiling wm, but at the moment I’m stuck in Gnome 3, because of computer lethargy…


One vote for Puppy (Which under the hood can be one of a variety of distros) The main reason I like it is that its small and fast and seems to be pretty idiot proof. You can do some reasonable work on some really old equipment and I’m cheap… Plus its Puppies! The only thing that might be better would be kitty linux… Puppies, Kitties, Youtube… Getting misty… I Sooooo miss my cat. SIGH


Mostly CentOS (5 physical boxes, including a PE2950III hosting 10 VMs) due to its use at many places I have worked at, though I am finally getting ready to upgrade my harddrive on my tower, upgrade from FC19 to FC28 (and also install WinBlows 10 for when I need that for work or very specific other tasks). And the fact that it has kickstart/anaconda is a huge plus in my book. Also planning on bringing up Suse on a VM, and get back to using NetBSD (I was a contributor some years ago, particularly on the Sun 3, and have a partial port to some PPC CPCI boards archived someplace). But I have used and supported pretty much every *NIX out there over the years, including supporting UNIX at the Bell Labs Messaging group, complete with source code, and they are all pretty much these days.


I like Debian distribution in general but ubuntu in particular


My favorite DIstro: Ubuntu - LTS releases
Second Place: Linux Mint
Third Place: Debian
Fourth: Fedora


I tried debian a lot of times. I still run debian on my server but I simply don’t have the time anymore to spend a week to get my touchpad working and such. So I use Linux Mint Cinnamon on my laptop and it works just fine.