What's your favorite Linux Distro?


I use Arch Linux. But sadly I have not used any Arch Linux for about 3 years. I will very likely go back to it very soon because I love it so much. Well not so true. I have a sort of love hate with Arch mostly because I screw it up sometimes by doing a pacman -Syu and watching updates screw the machine up. Then hate myself for not checking the news before updating. x)

I’ve used a lot of other distros. Gentoo extensively. I got sick of compiling stuff all the time instead of just using the OS. I’ve used slackware even further back. Hardest distro to build was LFS (Linux from scratch). My current linux toy thing is a NAS server which runs OMV (Open Media Vault). I’d go with FreeNAS but apparently need ECC Ram for that file system they use.

My next project is to build a passively cooled water cooled linux server / vm / experimental / gaming arch linux rig. Hopefully turns out well.

Go easy on me because I’m new to discord and this whole forum thing is a little confusing at the moment.


update: I’m now running arch with KDE and looking to transition to i3 or i3-gaps


my fav distro linux mint and it will always be . i have used ubuntu , mint and right now i am working on lubuntu lxde and lxqt . i will be working on fedora in near future… INSHALLAH (WITH GOD HELP). I keeps on installing and testing different linux version thats my nature , i can’t change it . i hope to have good time here .


Ive been using Fedora since Sorcerer went belly up. Now that was a great OS.


I like an obscure distro called Tahr Puppy Linux. It was originally made so that people who had older hardware could have a superfast system (Which still is the idea) Its also the easiest thing I’ve seen to set up and does the least harm if you insist on having Windows on the same box. But why anyone would do that? Friends don’t let friends run Microsloth Windoze… Its nice to see a place for squirrels to diso with robots. Lama Lama Lama yah man! Warning I have snuck up on a Squirrel.


Know about Puppy, and happy to see how much love exists for Arch.

I have a server that I put Arch on years back, and I’m still trying to recover. Anyone know any good tutorials? :laughing:


I’ve used Arch linux for almost 2 years, but recently heard about all the systemd stuff, so I switched to Void linux, it’s stable, small, lightweight and fast, it has runit as init system and it’s easy to install with their ncurses installer(it’s actuallly quite nice to use), it was pretty easy to get up and running. It does take a while to get used to their package manager(xbps) but it’s fast also!


Mint XFCE latest. Switched fast from Cinnamon because of speed which i greatly appreciate.


I use Kubuntu on the daily basis.

I was from Ubuntu (Unity) until shortly after they announced its cancellation.


There are so many distros I want to use but there is always some piece of hardware that just doesn’t work. I keep going back to Fedora for the “it just works” factor.


I found Arch by accident trying to replace ubuntu when steam comes to linux,

I love arch at first sight because latest drivers but overtime i have problems with the stability of SO, then searching i found Manjaro (Arch derivated) that IMO is a good average between bleeding and the other world, Hybrid GPU and non hybrid works out of the box, and this distro adds lots of little tools to manage things like kernels, drivers, and updates all are very useful.


Gentoo ftw! Just kidding. Way too much of a hassle :grin: Although if you want a good challenge and want to learn everything about Linux, build a Gentoo system.

Debian based systems for me probably. I ran Mint for a few years, but recently switched to OpenSUSE. I always hear good things about OpenSUSE, so I figured Id give it a try. Running Gnome DE, and so far I like it.


Kubuntu for me, since 2010… Before that I had 2 years of experimenting with all the usuals like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Opensuse… I’ve run other distros on other machines/laptops since 2010, Manjaro, Korora, Netrunner, Bodhi, M4linux, LinuxLite, Mint, Deepin, but Kubuntu is my main workstation and I will take anybody down who tries to get between me and it… Because I think i’m actually in love with it… I have deeper feelings than one should have for their OS…





I’m a Debian-user, though I use Ubuntu at work. I usually run a tiling wm, but at the moment I’m stuck in Gnome 3, because of computer lethargy…


One vote for Puppy (Which under the hood can be one of a variety of distros) The main reason I like it is that its small and fast and seems to be pretty idiot proof. You can do some reasonable work on some really old equipment and I’m cheap… Plus its Puppies! The only thing that might be better would be kitty linux… Puppies, Kitties, Youtube… Getting misty… I Sooooo miss my cat. SIGH


Mostly CentOS (5 physical boxes, including a PE2950III hosting 10 VMs) due to its use at many places I have worked at, though I am finally getting ready to upgrade my harddrive on my tower, upgrade from FC19 to FC28 (and also install WinBlows 10 for when I need that for work or very specific other tasks). And the fact that it has kickstart/anaconda is a huge plus in my book. Also planning on bringing up Suse on a VM, and get back to using NetBSD (I was a contributor some years ago, particularly on the Sun 3, and have a partial port to some PPC CPCI boards archived someplace). But I have used and supported pretty much every *NIX out there over the years, including supporting UNIX at the Bell Labs Messaging group, complete with source code, and they are all pretty much these days.


I like Debian distribution in general but ubuntu in particular


My favorite DIstro: Ubuntu - LTS releases
Second Place: Linux Mint
Third Place: Debian
Fourth: Fedora


I tried debian a lot of times. I still run debian on my server but I simply don’t have the time anymore to spend a week to get my touchpad working and such. So I use Linux Mint Cinnamon on my laptop and it works just fine.