What is the best editor [Testing]



Sublime Always


I typically use Sublime (even has an Arduino plugin for the hardware geek) or Geany - that’s for my coding. For quick file editing (not word/text processing) I use Nano


An Editor. Hands down.



I am pretty sure I have voiced my opinion on this subject a few time but I’ll say it again. I use vim/gvim depending on where I am working. I have been looking into PyCharm for python projects and I use QT for c++ programming. I try to use VIM bindings on all editors though simply because I hate moving my hands off home row.


Well to be fair, I started this thread simply to test out some discourse
features. Though feel free to voice your opinion on the various editors
you like / dislike.


Here Here Vim! :dog:


vim :gb_tuxcube:

vi is everywhere. Why ruin a great thing and switch


let me piss everyone off. nano and atom.


I don’t mind Nano. It’s a bit more straight forward than some.


You forgot Joe.


http://lighttable.com/ for me. But i think it is still in beta.
Got it to learn Python and Ruby.


Emacs along +5’000’000 lines of code done so far :wink:

And I feel no wrong about it.


LoL I’ve used Visual Studio Code.

My go to editors are:
Nano in linux.
ScITE -> Probably one of my favourite Gui text editors on Linux.
Notepad++ (windows) -> Used mostly for html / css / php code or just random text / config files.
Visual Studio 2017, I’ve written some C and C++ code. Nothing amazing…
Visual Studio Code :sweat_smile: (Still experimenting with it on both linux and windows) I like how it’s already got heaps of community mods. That’s a huge first for Microsoft. But I still seem to fall back to ScITE and Np++


Epic. :gb_tuxcube:


I kinda like Notepad++ and all day use VS 2015 and MS SQL MGMT


Basic edit Xed and for projects I use Brackets.


When I’m on a *NIX system I always type “vi” because I always have. I’ve heard there are other editors but they don’t always exist on whatever version of HP-UX, or AIX, or Solaris I have in front of me. I use vi because it is always there for me when I need it. On modern systems I end up in VIM when I type vi but I don’t know anything about VIM, really. I’ve heard that it has magical abilities. I’m just in there to hack some text and I need to get it done so people can continue to work.


I’m a Vim user. Modal editing makes my brain feel at ease. Most of the time at least…


Sublime gets my vote, though Atom is right there with it. They work well for the coding that I do with a dash of JS, CSS, HTML, Java, C# and C++. Though for an IDE I go for Jetbrains IntelliJ


I’ve found Brackets to be quite useful and just overall nice to work in - cross-platform - for Python, LaTeX, sometime VBA {{{blush}}} and Sphinx… I know, not FOSS, but I’ve found it significantly more stable than Atom.