Star Trek: Discovery



Againt the klingons?


I don’t really agree.
Well, I watch it in german, so perhaps it got lost in translation, but as far as I understood it, he said “based on your history I wouldn’t have thought you’d think in categories like race” where he meant her growing up (almost) like a vulcan child.
So I don’t really see how that should be racist in any way. I don’t really think racism will be 100% eradicated in the next 200 years, but it isn’t really helpful in the starfleet which deals with races like vulcans or even andorians.
If someone says “race” doesn’t mean anyone participating in this conversation is automatically a racist. Perhaps it really means “race” in a normal, scientific way? Like dogs are a different race than cats.


@Eden Lucky you! As far as I know it is only on Netflix outside the US. I have to pay for CBS all access to see it here in the states. Go figure! For now it is not happening.


For one i am glad we have some new Trek coming blending the old and new.
I am a big fan of what Star Trek is representing.

Only that annoyed me a lot, is the big bug that looks like a polar bear of some sort was introduced. Glad it is gone in the later episodes.


You shouldn’t miss Sarek, this is Spocks father.


I found out the show is on Netflix if I’m in the UK… launches VPN


Isn’t The Orville Seth MacFarlanes show that is supposed to be like Star Trek?


seems you are in the wrong topic, as we have a topic about The Orville already;