Photo-editing/graphic design software for Linux (Open source if possible)

Do you know of any good photo-editors or graphic design software for Linux? Preferably open source? I’ve only ever used GIMP, and maybe a few other open source programs. What are some others worth checking out? I’m mainly looking for graphic/photo editors. Open source if possible, but I’ll take suggestions for paid for programs too.

I recently found and it is a plug-in for GIMP that helps bridge the gap between GIMP and Photoshop.

Nice, I’ll have to check it out. Should run a lot faster on my new PC too. :smiley:

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You may also be interested in Krita, I only know it for less then a year and haven’t done a lot with it yet… but after some exploratory experimentation with the program I consider it to be part of my toolbox. Since it focuses on painting, it helps to have a pressure sensitive drawing pen tablet thingy.

Make sure you’re using GIMP 10 as it comes with features that used to require (now discontinued) plugins, like DDS support and AwesomeBump.

Autumn Jester – Made with Krita, Blender & GIMP

I’ve heard of Krita before. Sadly my drawing skills are pretty lacking so I don’t know if I’d use it, but I am thinking of getting my niece a drawing tablet for her birthday, so I’ll totally recommend her trying out Krita.

Practice makes perfect… and don’t miss out on that multi-brush. :wink:

True that! :+1: