Password Manager Linux - Opinion


Interesting - I’ll have to give this a try …


I’m an avid user of LastPass at present, but have been considering zx2c4’s Pass as an alternative, not really being sure what LastPass are otherwise up to…!

Intrigued by this bitwarden option though.


I’ve been using it for about a day or two @veremit. It’s a bit less intuitive then lastpass. LastPass has the tendency to ‘just work’ I don’t need to tell it that i updated my password it just knows and all i need to do is confirm.

bitwarden seems to be a bit more manual to get passwords in and autocomplete is less convenient, but the idea of self hosting is intriguing. (Though I haven’t used that feature yet)


Bitwarden is quite good. The apps all work quite well and the developer is pretty responsive to questions. It’s also up for an audit soon which will put it on a list of only a small number of password managers to have done so.


KeepassX seems to work very well.


My issue with keepass is the availability of the data on multiple devices and merging DBs used to be a pain at least. Definitely the best option though for the paranoid penguin.


None of those! Bitwarden is where it’s at… I freaking love it… I’m a former Keepass user of several years and as soon as I seen Bitwarden I dropped it like a hot potato.


Oh wow!
I had no idea that Bitwarden exists!
It’s like a free and selfhostedd variant of LastPass.
It’s amazing!

I’m in the process of switching to it now, as soon as I get it running on my server.

The mobile app works great and the plugins for browsers also seem to work well.