My sad sad story

My sad story

From a litlle boy I have problem with speak.When I was 5 year old boy then I start to talk very hard.In first class doctors found me I have dyslexia.And it was (really cool for me ,becuase I was diffrent from another people )Kinger garden they always ignored me and try to beat me .I change 4 kinger garden ,because I always have problems with another children.When I start school my class just ignored me and then I start to be outsider.I have many problems with children and teachers.They always hate me (to this day I dont have no why they hate me )Bullet in my school they always found me and this is really bad .They just beat me always and I dont have nobody to me .With another children we eat in library or just eat in toilets.I change school and everybody know I have problem with speak and I have dyslexia.Everybody from school they know me and always try to ridicule.I change school after two years and I was alone .My class just hate me .Only one girl speak with me from time to time and two years I was alone and I eat alone ,goint to home alone .After two year (again) I change school .I found only one friends and it is awesome .I know what to have friends.I always play games ,watching movies,read comics and play yu-gi-oh ,pokemon and watch anime .I dont have girlfriends to this day and now I am 22 year old .In my street we have one bullet and he always try to ridicule .My family is really bad.My grandpa ,drandma ,mother,father and cousins they always try to ridicule.My father and mother always beat me for just a little thinks.I forget to buy some product from store and they always beat me and once my mother just broke my hand.My father beat me with belt.I always was alone and always I will be outsaider FOREVER.From a little I always have interesting computer ,devoleper and robotics and games and nintendo.I love to play super mario,legend of zelda,pokemon .I dont smoke ,but drink a lot alcohol.Always I am to be myself and I am not like another people .I am different from another people and I really like to be diffenet and I dont like to be just like everybody.In university I just dont talk with anybody from my group.They just ignored me .They just dont wanna to be with us .They just dont like .They just hate me .I have 4 surgery to this day and I was in many hospitals.And nobody just call to see if I am ok from my cousins and it was really bad .My group from university just ignored and dont talk with me ,because they think I am just stupid.I love to play games and read manga and listen music .I have so many problems with everybody from my family and from school and in university.And you @Nixie help me a lot with you videos .Thank you girl.You are the best <3 You are angel .I am forever will be geek and it is amazing and you @Nixie help me a lot .You make me a better person .One a geek ALWAYS A GEEK


Welcome, @mitkom1! :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:
What country are you from?

Aren’t we all GEEKS?

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Dear spirits, I recognize and can relate somewhat to your story… I was picked on and bullied pretty much all throughout childhood, and didn’t have many friends. I was “the weird kid” or “the foreign kid” or “the smartass / teacher’s pet”, and have also moved and changed schools a lot. So what I want to say with this reply is mainly this:


If you ever need to talk, find me on the Discord!
I’ll be 43 this Oct 30th, and would gladly share some life experience and stories with you! I’ve been where you are, in more ways than one, and in closing I want to add this as well: IT GETS BETTER

You have at least, with joining GeekBeacon, found a healthy, supportive Community of like-minded and “geeky” people, that you can hopefully find some connections with!

Remember this also:
Even if your friends and family don’t understand you, or offer you the support and encouragement you need, that is their mistake, not yours! They are the ones losing out on being a part of your awesomeness! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome to GeekBeacon!
Come join us on the Discord!

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Nay, there be dorks among us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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