Geeky Giveaway - What are your Geeky Passions? - Geek Beacon

Tell us about yourself on our Discord and what makes you a geek to win one of the below prizes!

Prizes: (5 winners)

Digital Prizes, cross-platform on Steam

  1. 7 Days To Die
  2. Torchlight 2 (Winner - pyrodrake77)
  3. Bioshock

Grand Physical Prizes

  1. XL Vintage AMD T-shirt​ & Note from Nixie!- (Physical Prize)(Winner - DHotdog85)
  2. Gamepad F310 + Skyrim Portable Power Bank Charger & Note from Nixie! (Physical Prize)

2 Ways to Enter

Join Our Discord
  1. Please join us at
  2. Introduce yourself in the #geeky-giveaway channel and tell us what makes you a geek, what your geeky passions are, like so:

Winners will be picked every week and announced every Friday on Discord!

*We will be selecting from winners on Discord and not comments in any other locations, Existing members can also enter, but must post a new update in the #geeky-giveaway channel.

More photos of prizes, hope to see you there. <3

~ Nix

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Not using Discord is what makes me a geek. :blush:

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Hello! I was alerted that I was one of the lucky numbers. I was wondering if there’s anything I need to follow up with?

Also, the obligatory: OMG, YAY!!! Thank you so much!!! :star_struck:

Have a great day!


We got you… I’ll be sending your stuffs soon. :nerd_face: Thanks for your intro!

Second Winner: Congrats on Winning Torchlight II, Pyro!

And congrats to our Third Winner - @Astro

You can also see a more in depth intro for Astro in his introduction thread here.

Good luck to everyone for next week! Astro, we will be shooting you a DM soon.

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You guys… :blush:

I don’t quite know what to say…


And congrats to our Fourth Winner - ɪʀᴏɴ𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖜₀₅₅

User was contacted on Discord.

Good luck to all for next week!


@Nixie Shrug?