Classic Game Night - Battlefield 2 Tank Battle Event

Battlefield 2 Tank Battle Event

Hello GeekBeacon, this is a public event that I will be organizing for the game: Battlefield 2.
The focus of this event is heavy armor warfare, we will play on the following tank-rich maps and have lots of fun for plenty of hours (estimated 8 hours event).


  1. Warmup round: Strike at Karkand (we will have 2 rounds on each map)
  2. Maps: Highway Tampa, Road to Jalalabad, Op. Smoke Screen, Op. Harvest, Taraba Quarry

From there we repeat the rotation until there is nobody left (we start with the full 64 size for the first few hours, then move to 32 and finally we will have small 16 maps for the hardcore diehard fans).


  • Enemy Tanks in uncappable bases cannot be stolen. There will be no Jets. :thumbsup:
  • Soldier/Vehicle Friendly fire 50%, (but mines will not hurt your team mates)
  • All kits allowed. Commander allowed. Streamers & Content Creators welcome.
    A word of advice: this is not Minefield 2, it’s Battlefield 2: team up & play the objective


When | Sunday, July 5, 2020 2:00 PM T+00:00 - (countdown here)
Where | bf2 game server address port 16570
Where | teamspeak server to meet:

Somebody will most likely stream it on Twitch but I usually find out right then and there.
If anybody from GeekBeacon wishes to participate and stream it, I will be very relieved.


I put the project in beta stage because first of all I need you to approve the collab with me :slight_smile: yet the event is happening either way. This is more of an invitation for all the folks in GeekBeacon who enjoy playing the legacy of the Battlefield franchise, with real people; and have fun together, extending the invitation to the active gamers in this Community.

You can find my previous events listed on our Forum at A final technical note, if you need to install Battlefield 2 feel free to send me a private message here or on Discord, I will be happy to show you the way back to the game (spoiler alert, it works on Linux too! :wink:).


You are welcome to use our discord for voice if you would like, but either ways thank you for sharing this with our community. :slight_smile:

We’ll see if we can promote this as we get closer to the date and let us know if you need help with any logistics.

That would be my pleasure sir. So far I have prepared everything and as usual we have our own dedicated voice server to meet up with the regulars who will attend the event.

I totally understand if any member of the GeekBeacon Staff who will attend prefers to hang together in your own voice channels, you are not forced to join ours at all (besides it will be pretty crowded for the event ).

If you need me during the event, you can grab by attention in-game via the chat, my nickname is S_h_a_r_k_93 (and if you end up in my squad, BF2 has squad voip too).

You know what? I can actually be in both servers so if you want to talk to me, you’ll be able to do so via the GeekBeacon Discord voice chat. I’ll just need to set up a different key for push to talk and that should be it. :hugs:

EDIT: what’s important though is that the game is set up and working for multiplayer beforehand, you know? Not a the last minute. Because on that day I’ll be pretty busy so I may not be able to assist immediately.

With this image guide of mine you’ll configure Battlefield 2 (patched to 1.5) for online multiplayer, whereas if you wish to download the game from scratch using a trusted source I’ll link you to my instructions.

Hey @Shark.93 this is awesome! I went ahead and added your event to our calendar. Not sure we’ll have anyone to stream it at that time, but if it’s an 8 hour event, we may be able to stream at a later time. I’ll check and see if anyone can.

Jokes aside, I’ll make sure to share the stream on our end in your dedicated Discord channel, if we do end up streaming from the get-go. I have a good feeling about the turnout, the last event was explosive to say the least.

I hope there will not be problems with the BF2Hub login system; lately the community has suffered some DDOS, you know? How low can you be to DDOS the community infrastructure of a 15 years old game which is dieing … well, our mission is to not let BF2 die. :sunglasses:

To that extent, there’s a video that came out 5 days ago which basically summarizes why we still exist and what we believe in:

Honestly I think I have countless videos (some public, some private) professing my undying love for BF2 and @Holler and I even have made attempts at spinning up some BF2 goodness. Please let me know how it went, and how I/we can help in the future!

Hello Nixie, thanks for stopping by. This year’s Tank Battle Event was a blast!
We’ve played for 12 hours, at which point I had to call it a night, literally. :sweat_smile:

You can see the turnout of the event as well as some screenshots in this gallery of mine.
We have a stream of the event and several YouTube videos:

How can I/we help in the future

Well I am very happy that this BF2 event was featured in your Discord, that was my hope since the moment I saw the Galactic Conquest event arranged by @Posi. I instantly knew I wanted to do something similar and Posi is welcome to share his events with us at Lost-Soldiers and he knows it. :blush:

So I would say just participate if you guys are available and enjoy the game, and keep doing what you do to promote friendly communities like ours. Like I mentioned in Discord our mission is to arrange unique events regularly during the year, so you will definitely hear back from us again! Who knows, maybe BF2 Pirates will be up next? Only time will tell, cheerio GeekBeacon!! :wave:

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New video came out, and it’s safe to say this is the funniest of them all so far!
The content creator is a fellow italian like me, and I really envy his editing style :3

AHEM!!! :grin: BF2 Spooktacular 🏴‍☠ ready or not, here we go!

You might want to join this one cause I’m positive it’s going to be a lot of fun.
The requirements are installing the game and installing the mod: