BF2 Spooktacular 🏴‍☠

BF2 Pirates 2 Halloween Event

Leads - @Shark.93, @Nixie, @seekaplayer Lost Soldiers Community
Game - Battlefield 2 - | Mod - Pirates 2
Event Start - 2020-10-31T20:00:00Z [Countdown][Calendar]
Where - GeekBeacon Discord - In the Event Voice Channel
Server - port: 12000

We’re back with the Lost Soldiers community, this time playing a mod for Battlefield 2, called Pirates 2. Make sure to follow the details below on how to set up the game.

Shiver me timbers! This shall be a scary spooky fun time! :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :pirate_flag:

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If you did not have the chance to see it already, this is the introduction video of the Pirates 2 mod and it’s quite a good machinima, my mate recorded it because it’s not available anywhere on YouTube. It’s a very entertaining watch, I hope it will “hook” you for the event, YAARRR! :shark: