Best Linux Distros to get more life out of old PCs?

Re-posting this here as it was accidentally deleted.

What would you guys say is the best Linux distro for older PCs. I have an old Laptop with 4GB of RAM, and I’m not sure on most of the specs (will have to double check, it’s buried in a closet somewhere). I would like to install Ubuntu, but want to make sure it runs a tad bit faster and am considering Kubuntu instead. What do you guys think? Or should I try to go for a different distro? I’m open to suggestions.

Linuxlite is a good option, Kubuntu runs fine on 4GB of ram but you’ll notice the sluggishness. Ubuntu regular uses too much out of the gate.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. I used Kubuntu on an old PC and switched to xubuntu I think it was at the time. But that was like 10 years ago I’d say.

4 gigs of ram can’t be that old. Not old enough to be limited to 32-bit options anyway.

I started with Ubuntu when it was still using Gnome 2, then grew disdain towards Unity and switched to Xubuntu. Now I’m using Linux Mint with an Xfce flavour, which I would advise to anyone wondering “What Linux?”. I love Xfce’s keyboard settings, with the ability to link keyboard shortcuts to commands. To my knowledge no other window manager has this very useful feature, but I havn’t explored distros lately.

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